LET'S Make history

Imagine 500 walls going live at once – in big cities, small towns, war zones and remote villages – creating a safe space to share your vision and story. Magic, right? This is the mission of World We Want Month. And it's all going down this September 2015.

We're looking for partners on-the-ground to be responsible for bringing the wall to life in their community. You're the right fit if the notion of millions sharing their world visions on one day gives you goosebumps and you're not shy about managing people, projects and details. 

If this wholeheartedly resonates, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below and let us know why you're game to play. We'll be in touch soon.



Email Amber at amber@theworldwewant.is

All other questions or comments, please use the form on the right!

Why does The World We Want speak to you?


This project was created with support from The Dumbo Art Festival. Stencil design by Rachel Pesso. Photography and Videography by Masha Maltsava. Installation assistance by Shiva Kermani, Bryony Cole, Kate Rosenblatt, Sarah Kathleen Peck and Masha Maltsava. Cheerleading, love and emotional support by Farhad Attaie, Sara Panton and Beverly Dawn. Inspiration from Candy Chang, JR and the hundreds of strangers and friends in New York and around the world.