join us in our mission to

capture and catalyze the world's visions


We value what we do being in alignment with what we stand for. This is what guides us:

Choose We over Me — We are a collective global movement, uniting to create something bigger than any one individual. 

Cycle of Creation and Destruction  There is a natural birth and death cycle as we bring the project to life and let go when the project ends. 

Community-Driven  Our intent is to enhance and respect the community and space we serve. 

Creative Expression — We exist to create a safe space for individuals and communities to express themselves. 

Catalyst for Change — This project can be both a catalyst for your community and your personal life. Past Makers have left jobs, started new careers, built life-long relationships and uncovered new talents.

Building the first wall in Brooklyn, New York. Photo by Masha Maltsava.

HOW the project works

1. Sign the pledge. If you haven't yet, declare your participation by signing the pledge

2. Announce your participation on Instagram and Facebook. Download an image from here and post it on Instagram, along with your city, the #theworldwewant hashtag and @theworldwewant. 

3. Find a Site. The ideal location has regular foot traffic, is outside and open to the public. Find a space that speaks to you and will invite as many people as possible to share their vision.  

4. Pick a Date. Choose a launch date and timeframe that works for you. Walls have been up for as few as three days and as long as three weeks. 

5. Get Permission. Once you find the ideal location and choose a launch date, find out who owns the property and see what they think of the idea. It may be helpful to speak with local community groups, business owners and nearby residents. Every city has different rules concerning public art, so consider partnering with a local organization who can help you with the process. For example, the wall that went live in Dumbo, Brooklyn was because of a relationship with the Dumbo Arts Festival and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

6. Share your dates with Liz. Once you have permission and know your exact dates, email This will help us to support you and connect you with locals. 

7. Fund It. This is a people’s art project. We invite you to gather up resources locally by getting volunteers, sponsors and/or funding personally. The wall can be built for $400 if you’re painting on an already existing wall or over $1000, if you’re building free-standing wall(s).

8. Rally the Troops. Building a wall takes a team. Ask friends, family, co-workers and community members to get involved. Join our private Facebook group to connect with Makers around the world and find those in your city. 

9. Spread the Word. Use social media, print and online publications, local organizations and mailing lists to spread the world. Follow Amber RaeThe World We Want, and use #theworldwewant hashtag for highlights and staying connected. Here you’ll find messaging templates and digital assets for announcing the project and lighting it on fire. 

10. Build the Wall. Get your hands dirty and make the magic happen! Below you will find a list of items with general costs. The amount of each item will depend on your structure and how long the wall is up. If you’re painting on an existing wall, you’ll need two days to paint and stencil the wall. If you’re building new structures, it can take as much as two weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. 

11. Maintain the Wall. As the wall fills up, erase visions to make room for new ones. Refill chalk as needed. If you see something that is disrespectful to the community, feel free to erase. 

The World We Want goes live in Chicago in 2014. Photo by Couple of Dudes.

The World We Want goes live in Chicago in 2014. Photo by Couple of Dudes.


Ready to create magic for your community? Let's get started!

1. Paint

Lay tarps down to keep the floor of where you’re working clean. Pour paint into paint trays and use paint rollers to evenly distribute paint on the wall. Paint two coats. With a paintbrush, go over tiny cracks. Allow to dry. 

Photo by Masha Maltsava.

Photo by Masha Maltsava.


Measure and mark the stencil placement with chalk for the Title Stencil, Column Stencil and the optional Hashtag Stencil. Make sure to leave room for the chalk holders.

Photo by Liz Flores.

Photo by Liz Flores.

3. Tape, Stencil & Spray paint

Line up and tape the stencil to the wall. Shake the white spray paint well and, while wearing gloves, spray the stencil in light even strokes. Use your other hand (or ask for help) to hold down areas of the stencil that might bubble up. Use leftover chalk paint and a small brush to clean up lines.

Photo by Liz Flores.

Photo by Liz Flores.

4. Add chalk

Using nails or screws, attach the chalk holders to either side of your wall. Place colorful chalk in each holder and let the fun begin!

Photo by Couple of Dudes.

Photo by Couple of Dudes.

5. Maintain

Check on the wall to refill chalk and erase reflections when it’s full so others can share too. If there is anything inappropriate written, feel free to erase it. 

Photo by Tanya Mallot.

Photo by Tanya Mallot.


Share the journey of building the wall, launch day and your favorite reflections on social media using #theworldwewant hashtag so we can all follow along. 

Photo by Couple of Dudes.

Photo by Couple of Dudes.

Materials list

Here are the materials you need to build a World We Want wall. You'll find approximate costs, which will vary depending on where you purchase the materials. A 54’ x 8’ wall requires 10 cans of chalkboard paint and 5 cans of spray paint. Read below for links to purchase the stencils, chalkboard paint, chalk holders, and chalk we used.

Stencils: Title, column stencils and optional hashtag stencils can be purchased here at Designer Stencils. To change the language, email the translation of "The World We Want," "I want to live in a world where..." and "To create this world, I will..." to There will be a $25 language change fee.

Chalkboard Paint: Flat black chalkboard paint. We used Rust Oleum.

Chalk: The amount of chalk needed will depend on how long your wall is up. The Chicago wall was up for three weeks and used over 20 boxes of chalk. We used Crayola

Spray Paint: Matte white spray paint is best. We used Montana.

Chalk Holders: Make sure they are weatherproof and will let rain pass through. We used these mesh containers.  

Children at the Brooklyn wall in September 2014. Photo by Masha Maltsava.

Children at the Brooklyn wall in September 2014. Photo by Masha Maltsava.

answers to frequently asked questions

How long can my wall be up for? This is completely up to you and the people who own the space you get permission from. Walls have been up for 72 hours to 3 weeks. One thing to remember is that the longer the wall is up, the more time you will need to invest in maintaining the wall. Make sure to speak with the property owner about how to return the wall to its previous condition. 

Does it even have to be a wall? Absolutely not! The structure can be whatever shape works for you and your space. For example, in Chicago, local Makers built four 8 ft by 8 ft cubes in a city plaza.

How can I find out if there are other Makers in my city? Join our private Facebook group to be connected with locals in your community.

Can you help fund our project? At the moment, we do not have resources to financially support walls. We suggest looking into grants or sponsorship for community-based art projects. Also see if local businesses, art museums, or friends would want to donate supplies, space, volunteers, or money to help. 

When should I order the stencil to make sure it arrives on time? For international shipping, order by August 3. Please keep in mind length of time it will take to ship to your destination. For domestic shipping, order by August 15.

Can the stencils be made in a different language? Yes! Please email with the exact translation of "The World We Want" "I want to live in a world where..." and "To create this world, I will..." She will work with you to complete the order. 

Can I change the design of the template? In an effort to create one cohesive movement, we are asking everyone to use the template provided. You can purchase that here. 

Can I contact the press about my wall? What if the press contacts me? We got your back on this one! The World We Want team will be handling all press releases and contact with the media. If you know of a local news source that would be interested in our story and your wall, please direct them to 

How do I spread the word about my wall? Use social media and #TheWorldWeWant hashtag to connect us together all over the world. Here are templates and sharing language. Feel free to use any social media channels you like to spread the word, and show the process of your wall being born. Most importantly, be sure to share where in the community the wall is being built, and what is happening on your date in September. Try Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, flyers, radio, and online publications to get traction for your wall. Remember: if you build your wall in a public space with foot traffic, the people will come. 

Can I use The World We Want Wall to make money or as a promotion for another brand or business? No, you cannot make money from this project or use the project to promote specific companies, products people or organizations. The wall should be free of signage, logos and promotional material and should not be used as any form of advertisement.

If your question is not answered here, please email