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Download photos. Copy & paste templates -- or weave in your own words. We just ask that you maintain the integrity of the project by keeping the following language in tact:

What world do you want to live in? #TheWorldWeWant is a global movement that invites you to share your vision for yourself and the world. This September 2015, hundreds of walls are going live across the globe for "World We Want Month." The project was created by Amber Rae (@heyamberrae) and is brought to you by local Makers. 


Announce your participation on instagram and facebook using one or more of the images below with #theworldwewant hashtag. Be sure to mention where in the world your wall is going live. 


social media announcement LANGUAGE

As part of our mission to capture and catalyze the world's visions, @TheWorldWeWant is spreading around the world this September with the support of hundreds of local Makers. From remote villages to war zones to thriving cities and small towns, we're creating places of possibility and action in public spaces. Learn more and how to get involved at (Link in bio) #theworldwewant 

Tweet: We're on a mission to capture + catalyze the world's visions. Want to get involved?  


What world do you want to live in? 

Come share your visions, [CITY]! As part of “World We Want Month,” we’re launching a public art project at [LOCATION] this [DATE]. 

The World We Want is a global movement that invites you to reflect on your vision for yourself and the world. We create spaces of possibility and action, inspiring communities to create the world they want to live in. 

Created by Amber Rae, and brought to [CITY] by [Names].

Learn more at

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